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let's talk fall (so we can get back to summer)

We love thinking about cooler weather, pumpkin patches, and warm drinks. But sometimes fall can get a bit angsty.

We have spent many Augusts in a tailspin planning all the subjects, buying all the books and curriculum, and draining our energy on creating the perfect homeschool space. Cut to September when everything we just planned gets kicked to the curb so we can do what we really want to do… have one good read-aloud, get back to our favorite learning apps, and take long hikes.

Gentle reminder: homeschool isn’t school at home. Nobody is telling you when to start school or how long your kids should be sitting at the table each day. You get to decide what’s best for your kids (and yourself). Sure, sign up for that coveted Outschool class right now if you already know it’s going to be a winner! Put that book on hold at the library. But let’s all take a collective deep breath (in…out…) and enjoy the rest of summer.

What is everyone loving right now? Are you still swimming everyday? Want to make that last-minute trip to a fun destination? Still chasing frogs in your backyard? Keep doing it!

Be present! It’s still summer, and you get to enjoy it. When September rolls around, and if it still has that summer vibe, you get to ride that wave as long as you want. If you feel like your summer energy is coming to an end now, and everyone would feel better if you started slipping in some fall routines, go for it. It’s your homeschool!

What feels right to you?


Maren and Angela

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