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"I love that when Angela and Maren share about products, they are talking about things they actually use and like."
                                   -Listener N

This is the resource you've been waiting for! 


It seems like there’s a lot of stigma and shame around screens, especially for us homeschoolers. But should there be?


We’ve embraced what we call “app schooling” for a few years, and now we want to help take away some of the shame around using screens for learning. Apps can take the pressure off us (and our kids!) on busy days and around difficult subjects (*cough* math *cough*). We love the variety, efficiency, and freedom apps have to offer.


Our guide offers TONS of kid-tested, parent-approved app recommendations. There's something for everyone: whether you're new to apps or an old pro, whether you're homeschooling littles or bigs!

Why App School?

  • App schooling frees us up to expend energy on other things, including our strengths and activities we enjoy.

  • App schooling keeps us moving forward academically, even through busy days and challenging seasons.

  • Apps can offer a more efficient (and exciting!) method of teaching and learning.

  • Technology is kind of our kids’ language—it can be a more comfortable way for them to learn.

  • Did we have a preconceived notion about how we would teach our kids, formed long before we reached this educational stage? Do we need to reevaluate our ideas and standards around screens?

  • App schooling can give all of us a much-needed break from direct teaching.

  • It's ok to try something! You can always pull back.

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