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homeschool doesn't have to be complicate
"Angela and Maren are so relatable and always have great ideas and recommendations that fit into our homeschool and lifestyle perfectly."
                             -Listener M

With 20 years of homeschooling between us, we've tried a LOT of curriculum.


We've QUIT a lot of curriculum, too.

With this guide, you get only the products, apps, and workbooks we can whole-heartedly recommend again and again.

Homeschool doesn't have to be complicated.


Let this guide inspire you to shape a homeschool that's simple, real, and fun!

What makes this guide different?

  • You'll find a range of products that make up our curriculum: apps and audiobooks, documentaries, workbooks and websites, and even boxed curriculum.

  • Curriculum is an investment of time, money, and homeschool energy. But curriculum is a TOOL of homeschool, not the driver.

  • You WON'T find every product we've ever used. You WON'T find a detailed grade-by-grade lesson plan. You WON'T find everything we've ever recommended. Because that's overwhelming, and we're all about keeping homeschool simple, real, and fun.

  • You can build and boost your curriculum library with recommendations you won't dread using.

  • You get 30 pages of inspiration, encouragement, and resources.

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