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We have been hard at work here at Homeschool Unrefined, crafting a list of our favorite inclusive books for your homeschool. Which got us thinking… we’re still creating lists of our favorite INCLUSIVE books! Because most books are not. We have to seek out inclusive homeschool co-ops. Because most co-ops are not. We have to use the word inclusive in order to communicate that we’re a safe place for everyone. Because most homeschool places are not. Homeschool friends, we must do better.

There came a point in our homeschool when we could not, in good consciousness, join a homeschool community that did not accept, celebrate, and be informed about our BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and disabled friends. We couldn’t turn a blind eye to the way those communities exclude others. The way they think people are wrong or dangerous or not good for their own families because they are different.

We are no experts, and we are continuously learning to be more inclusive and informed.

One way we changed the conversation around equity and inclusion in our homeschool was by reading books by and about people who have a diverse perspective. When we read diverse books, we see ourselves with a more accurate perspective of our place in this world. We develop understanding and empathy. In fact, we learn that we are part of a beautiful community of people who, when we all learn from each other, can work together to create more beauty in the world. It's an upward cycle. We might also see ourselves in diverse books. We feel seen. We feel heard. We feel connected. We feel included.

Stay tuned here for Homeschool Unrefined’s Top 100 Inclusive Booklist!

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