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A Podcast Where We Keep Homeschool Simple, Real, & Fun

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Meet Angela

Angela Sizer is a plant lover, podcaster, and self-care advocate. She enjoys books in all forms, podcasts, personalities, and being anywhere with her family. Angela has a Masters in Teaching and taught middle and high school science. After 10 years of homeschooling, all three of her kids are in full-time public school for the first time ever. Angela is all about helping homeschool parents embrace our “Heck Yes!” so we can bring the best version of ourselves to our homeschool.

Meet Maren

Maren Goerss is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and Jane of All Trades. She loves talking personalities, going on a last-minute adventure, playing an instrument or listening to a great audiobook or podcast. Maren holds a Masters in Education and spent eight years teaching in elementary education. She has been homeschooling in different forms since she became a parent in 2007, and now she’s supporting her kids in public school full-time. Maren blends her enthusiasm for fun with a belief that homeschool is at its best when we rock our strengths.


We're Maren & Angela

We're Maren and Angela, the creators and hosts of the Homeschool Unrefined podcast. We've been friends for more than 20 years. We've survived a lot of Minnesota winters together, as well as college and grad school, full-time teaching, giving birth within days of each other (twice), and now life as homeschoolers and podcasters.

You can listen to


for more of our story.


More About Homeschool Unrefined


Homeschool Unrefined started when we began to ask each other "What if...?".


  • What if we could encourage parents to take more off their plates?
  • What if homeschool could be less about our lesson plans and more about a love of learning?
  • What if we could get away with doing less school work and spend more time playing, adventuring, and building lifelong relationships with our kids?
  • What if we could homeschool from our own strengths instead of someone else's?
  • What if homeschool could be simple, real, and fun?

Those "What if's" have become the ideas and conversations we've been sharing on our podcast every week since 2016.


Along the way, we've interviewed some of our own homeschool role models and had honest, down-to-earth conversations with real-life homeschool parents, too. We've chatted about our favorite books, dealing with doubts, and getting into nature. We've confessed our biggest mistakes and proudly admitted all the things we DON'T do. And we've laughed a whole lot along the way.

So are you ready for a homeschool experience you can enjoy? One with less stress and more fun? Are you ready to think differently about homeschool? Grab a cup of tea, kick your kids out of the comfy chair, pop in your earbuds, and join us!

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