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This might be the most practical of all personality profiles. While other profiles focus on ideas and theories, the Four Tendencies focuses on the here and now. How do you meet expectations? How do your kids meet expectations? When we know how our kids best meet expectations, we can reduce homeschool conflict and help motivate our kids to be efficient, effective, and purposeful. This class will help you pinpoint how you best respond to expectations, giving you techniques to have a more productive and positive homeschool. And just as importantly, you’ll learn how to work with your kids’ different Tendencies. Win/Win!



What you’ll get:

  • Video class featuring Maren and Angela of Homeschool Unrefined
  • Audio version of the class.
  • Downloadable worksheet to use while watching the class
  • List of resources to support your growth


Why You Need This Class

Fast track your personal development and reduce homeschool conflict--thanks to one simple class.

Four Tendencies & Homeschool

  • Q: I have a hard time watching videos. Do you have an audio version?

    A: We get it! Yes, you will also receive audio versions of the videos so you can listen while you do other things.


    Q: How can I go deeper into these ideas?

    A: We will give you a list of resources we love and use for our own personal development and growth. We also offer 1:1 coaching with us in our Patreon community. 


    Q: Can I watch this with a group of friends?

    A: We are not currently set up to offer group rates, and we think these materials work best when you can take time for self-reflection. We’re offering these classes at an affordable rate so every single person can transform their homeschool through understanding personalities.


    **We are not certified trainers for any of the personality profiles

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