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Enneagram is our new love. We think about it often, and the more we live, the more we see it show up as an important factor in understanding how each of us process and learn. In this class, we not only go through each number, but we teach you how each number thrives. We talk about what might be perceived strengths and weaknesses, and we equip you with ways to use them both for life-long skills. Again, the goal is not to get you to know your (or your child’s) exact number, but to set you on the path. Giving you the right questions to ask yourself, helping you notice things in your life that will give you clues to each number’s habits, needs, and interests.


What you’ll get:

  • Video class featuring Maren and Angela of Homeschool Unrefined
  • Audio version of the class
  • Downloadable worksheet to use while watching the class
  • List of resources to support your growth



Why You Need This Class

Embracing Enneagram in our homeschool has empowered us to be ourselves. That kind of freedom can change your homeschool, too!

Enneagram & Homeschool

  • Q: I have a hard time watching videos. Do you have an audio version?

    A: We get it! Yes, you will also receive audio versions of the videos so you can listen while you do other things.


    Q: How can I go deeper into these ideas?

    A: We will give you a list of resources we love and use for our own personal development and growth. We also offer 1:1 coaching with us in our Patreon community. 


    Q: Can I watch this with a group of friends?

    A: We are not currently set up to offer group rates, and we think these materials work best when you can take time for self-reflection. We’re offering these classes at an affordable rate so every single person can transform their homeschool through understanding personalities.


    **We are not certified trainers for any of the personality profiles

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