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Take a look at our New Classes that will help you in your Homeschooling journey!


Personalities & Homeschool


Myers-Briggs & Homeschool


Enneagram & Homeschool


Four Tendencies & Homeschool

We all want the skills to homeschool better, and we want them now. What if you’ve tried ALL THE THINGS and things still aren’t working out the way you pictured? We have found a secret key to making your homeschool--and your entire life--better! Learning about personalities will make homeschool much more enjoyable! How?


You will:

Feel good about homeschool again

Set healthy boundaries

Identify and do more of what you love about homeschool

Identify and do less of what you don’t enjoy

Find ways to communicate to others what you need

Make time for just you activities


Your kids will:

Understand and value themselves

Feel understood and valued by you

Feel empowered to say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things

Enjoy learning the best way for them

Learn more because they are learning in an appropriate way for them



In addition to a Personalities and Homeschool class, we will dive deep into 




Four Tendencies

All of these major personality profiles have profoundly changed the way we, Angela and Maren, look at ourselves, our kids, our spouses, and our homeschool. We want  to pass this insight on to you, so we created these four classes. 


We’ve spent more than 20 years exploring personalities and using these very tools to build homeschool experiences we LOVE. No two people are exactly alike--so why try to homeschool exactly like anyone else? 


Discover and embrace your unique strengths so you can


  • Get out of the comparison trap. 

  • Walk away--guilt-free!--from what doesn’t work for you.

  • Confidently create a sustainable and ENJOYABLE homeschool experience unlike anyone else’s.

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