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Yep, homeschoolers LOVE books.

But what about audiobooks?

Research shows that ear reading is as real and as beneficial as eye reading. And listening to stories is a great way to connect your kids to the love of literature and great books. Plus, audiobooks can help them gain confidence to try eye reading on their own!

So repeat after me: Audiobooks are NOT cheating.

Want to incorporate more ear reading into your homeschool? Check out our episode Where We Demystify Audio Content for all the reasons we love ear reading and some of the resources we use!

image credit: Books on Tape

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"Sure, you’re Marie Kondo-ing your sock drawer, but what about your homeschool?" episode 104

What if our best homeschool days are hidden beneath an outgrown routine or cumbersome curriculum or packed planner? What might we find when we let go of what we don’t need and embrace the things that spark homeschool joy?

(Want to get started right now? Listen to Where We Marie Kondo Our Homeschool for more inspiration.)

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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

“Connection needs to precede learning.”

-Maren, episode 89

We all know how central the parent-child relationship is in homeschool. As we cultivate connection with our kids, let’s also remember the importance of helping them feel connected with their siblings and friends… connected within our homes and in nature… and connected with their own sense of self.

And then, let’s watch our kids thrive.

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