About Us

Maren and Angela have a vision to create a community of homeschool parents who value low-stress, joyful, relational and child-centered learning. They want parents to feel good about what they’re already doing because so much learning happens in the work and play of everyday. It is easy to doubt yourself when hearing about what others are doing or discovering a new curriculum. They wanted to create a podcast to remind themselves and all parents of this message.

If you've spent time with Maren, she's likely told you she's an ENFP.  She is also an Enneagram 7 and a Rebel.  You might find Maren starting projects, brainstorming big ideas, playing an instrument, adventuring with friends or reading great books with her kids.  She loves to explore Minnesota with her four kids and husband Sean.

If you've spent time with Angela, she’s probably invited you to her house because that’s her favorite place.  You'll likely find Angela listening to a podcast, making elderberry syrup or reading to her kids.  She is an Enneagram 6, an ISFJ and a Questioner.  She loves living in the city as well as spending time with her husband Jeremy and their three kids at their cabin up north.

Maren and Angela have been friends since they first met in college almost 20 years ago.  Since then, they have taught at the same charter school, married ISTJ and business-owning husbands, survived grad school together, gave birth within days of each other (twice), homeschooled their kids and are now loving their newest adventure, hosting a podcast.